HTA Enterprises, Incorporated is a minority owned and operated construction blasting company based in Louisville, Kentucky. HTA was founded in April of 1986 by President Harold E. Valentine and Vice President Nancy Cole-Allen. This dynamic duo set out to start a company that would be the authority on all things QC testing, utilities and site development. And while we were successful with our construction work, we realized our commitment to giving our customers outstanding service meant we shouldn’t be competing with them. In 2007, we decided to become a more specialized enterprise. Since then, HTA has been the regional expert in construction blasting.

We’ve had a blast

In the 30 years we’ve been blasting, we’ve tackled huge ground-up site developments like Lake Forest, Polo Fields and the EW Brown project in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. We’ve also worked regularly on MSD jobs, and we continue to do them. Whether we’re doing construction blasting work, construction drilling or surface mining, we bring our legacy of hard work, expertise and a commitment to safety to every project, every time.