Rock Blasting Services

Drilling Services

HTA is the expert in job soundings and equipment and drill rental. And of course, we also do contract drilling. Already got a blasting partner? No problem. We can handle your drilling services too. For pricing on your project, just contact us.

As always, we use Furukawa drills for our jobs. Furukawa drills make up the majority of our fleet because we’ve found when doing the best work, it’s important to use a brand of drill we can trust. From the tiniest, most precise drilling bit to drills that can really make a hole, Furukawa drills let us get the job done. We even use a drilling attachment for excavators. For more information about the drills we use, check out their site.

Safety On-Site

As always, when you work with HTA, you can trust that safety is and always will be a priority. Simply put, we don’t mess around with messing around. Safety for our customers, our employees and for passerby is our top priority. When you partner with HTA, you can count on that.